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Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere isn’t satisfied playing a
Hero on television. She’s evidently aspiring to be the real
deal, a bona fide do-gooder, something she manifests by occasionally
protesting to save the dolphins, and more frequently reiterating that
she’s not a tramp. Reports People:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Avril Lavigne pursues acoustic direction

Pop-punk star Avril Lavigne has decided to pursue a new musical direction on her next record. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the Fender Telecaster player said many of her new songs feature a stark and acoustic guitar-dominated sound.

"My last record was about loud guitars and energy, but this time I wanted to really feel my music," she commented.

Lavigne said that while it is easy for her to write a "boy-bashing pop song", writing a piece that is more meaningful and introspective is a "totally different thing".

She added that the main theme of her upcoming album is life.

Lavigne rose to prominence with hits such as I'm With You, Sk8er Boi and Complicated and has also enjoyed more recent successes including 2007's Girlfriend. She is working with her husband, Sum 41 electric guitar player Deryck Whibley, on her new record, which will be released before the end of the year.

Malaysian Muslims banned from Black Eyed Peas show

Malaysian Muslims have been officially banned from attending a Black Eyed Peas concert in Kuala Lumpur on September 25 because it is sponsored by alcoholic drinks company Guinness.

Muslims in the country are subject to Islamic law, with officials at the Culture Ministry saying that the gig would not normally have been given the go-ahead at all, reports BBC News. It was given the green light because of the tourism boost it is expected to bring.

"Muslims cannot attend. Non-Muslims can go and have fun," a Ministry Of Information official told Associated Press of the gig, set to take place in a theme park.

Although Guinness is sponsoring the event, it is forbidden to sell the drink at the gig or use its logo in promotional material relating to it.

Acts including Beyonce and Avril Lavigne have previously faced opposition from Malaysian officials with regard to gigging in the country.

Avril Lavigne’s Fragrance Set

Avril Lavigne’s Fragrance Set to be the Next Big Hit.

She’s known the world over for her edgy style and electrifying energy, but now international recording artist Avril Lavigne is taking another signature leap: into the world of fragrance.

With true Rock ‘n’ Roll glamour, Avril’s first fragrance, Black Star, will hit the shelves on the 27 August 2009.

Never one to blend into the background, Avril is famed for a style that blends feminine chic with rock star grunge, and her first fragrance, Black Star is true to the same spirit.

Blending pink hibiscus flower with rich dark chocolate, Black Star is both delicate and tempting, and as distinctive as the star herself.

Developed for girls who are proud to express their unique style and individuality, Black Star is designed to inspire confidence in girls that want to celebrate their femininity without losing their
own edge.

Win Avril Lavigne’s Fragrance SetTo celebrate the launch of Black Star, we’re giving you the chance to win a bottle of the new fragrance, in its unique pink star bottle with a black studded cap.

The prize pack will also contain a bottle of Black Star body lotion and a signed copy of Avril Lavigne’s CD, The Best Damn Thing.

Just answer the question below for your chance to win.

Closing date: 20 September 2009

Avril Lavigne Strips Down Sound for Introspective November LP

Rolling Stone hits the studio with Avril Lavigne, who’s hooking up musically with husband Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 on her next disc, for a progress report in our new issue. The big news: Lavigne isn’t looking to repeat the success of 2007’s smash single “Girlfriend,” nor is she looking to maintain her status as punk-pop’s snotty princess. On the as-yet-untitled November disc, Lavigne says she’s aiming for a more introspective sound with a stripped-down rock record driven by acoustic guitars.

“Life, that’s what this record is about,” Lavigne tells Rolling Stone. “It’s so easy for me to do a boy-bashing pop song, but to sit down and write honestly about something that’s really close to me, something I’ve been through, it’s a totally different thing.” Even though Lavigne is stepping away from the power-punk, she still packs the catchy hooks on songs like “Darlin’,” which was the second song Lavigne ever wrote as a 15-year-old living in Napanee, Ontario. Butch Walker also worked on Lavigne’s fourth LP.

While Lavigne’s previous albums hid her voice behind walls of production, her vocals are front-and-center on new tracks like “Everybody Hurts.” Other titles include “Black Star,” which was originally going to be the theme song for Avril’s fragrance of the same name, and “Fine.” “My last record was about loud guitars and energy, but this I wanted to really feel my music,” Lavigne told RS.

Avril Lavigne to split from husband?

Canadian singer-actress Avril Lavigne has fuelled rumours she is set to split from husband Deryck Whibley after a series of solo nightouts in New York.

Lavigne and Whibley married in 2006 but were the target of speculation just two years later after a US tabloid reported they were on the verge of divorce.

Ok reports, Whibley denied the rumours at the time, insisting he had been spending a lot of time away from his wife while he toured Asia with his band, Sum 41, but the "Complicated" hitmaker Lavigne has attracted speculation once again after partying in the company of male admirers in Southampton, New York last weekend, with insiders saying that the stars' divorce is imminent.

"She wanted to get away from Deryck and have a weekend to herself," said a source.

Avril Lavigne and husband spotted shopping amid divorce rumors

August 30, 2009

(Splash News) - Avril Lavigne and her husband Deryck Whibley have been spotted grocery shopping together as rumors swirl that their three-year marriage is on the rocks.

Skater Boy singer Lavigne was still wearing her wedding ring as she and Whibley, 29, wandered through the aisles of Bristol Farms, in Beverly Hills, on Saturday. And Whibley, the lead singer of punk band Sum 41, was a true gentleman, carrying two bags of food out to the car.

Lavigne, 24, wore denim dungaree shorts, baseball pumps and a New York Yankees hat for the shopping trip.

"They certainly didn't look like they were in the middle of a break up," said an onlooker.

"They looked like any other normal couple doing their weekly shopping."

Lavigne has fueled rumors of an imminent split by enjoying a series of solo nights out in New York, and last weekend partied with a group of male admirers.

News Copyright © Sawf News.Avril Lavigne News

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Avril Lavigne Is a Hypocrite
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Emma Watson - Tale of Despereaux Premiere

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden blames romantic woes on us

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles Germstone

Frugal fashion inspired by 2009 Teen Choice Awards

This year’s Teen Choice Awards have come and gone, but the images of the stylish frocks and fashion worn by today’s hottest young stars are still fresh in the minds of the millions of people watching at home. Many of the young ladies gracing the red carpet this year kept it safe, but a few dared to be different. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder, so if you like a little edge to your ensemble you probably loved Kristen Stewart’s look. If you prefer classical styling, Hayden Panettiere’s look is for you.

Heroes: Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia to Make Comic-Con Appearance

Earlier this month, BuddyTV gave a rundown of the San Diego Comic-Con schedule, which you can learn more about here. One of the shows participating in annual multi-genre fan convention is Heroes, which will kick off an exclusive first look at the "Volume 5: Redemption" trailer on July 25, Saturday at 3:15pm to 4:15pm.

There's also going to be that Q&A with Heroes creator Tim Kring and some of the show's cast members, including Jack Coleman, Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar and Zachary Quinto, along with guest stars Robert Knepper, Dawn Olivieri, Ray Park and Madeline Zima. Recently, however, it has been announced that cast members Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia has jumped on board as well to make Comic-Con just a little more special.

Hayden Panettiere loved her school days; was a ‘wild’ student

Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere has revealed that she was a "wild" student in school. The 19-year-old star says that she loved her school days because it gave her the chance to behave irresponsibly and rebel.

"I had a great high school experience," Contactmusic quoted her as saying. "I had a lot of fun and I was wild and went crazy and was reckless, but I didn’t have the traditional high school experience. I was going through home schooling," she added.

Despite being taught at home rather than attending classes with her peers, Hayden says that she was fortunate that she did not miss out on the major milestones of school life. "I went to prom, and I went to homecoming, and I was in the yearbook. No crashing of cars. I went to games and all that good stuff," she said.

The ‘Heroes’ actress had recently revealed that she would like to try her hand at directing. "Definitely, maybe someday. Someday, when I get my fill of acting for a bit," she said.

"There’s a lot more to learn when it comes to becoming a director, but you have the experience of being an actor working with directors and getting to work with brilliant ones, and you get to take a lot from them," she added.

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Emma Watson

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams Latest Hairstyles

Hayley Williams: 'Paramore isn't going anywhere'

Last week Franklin rock band Paramore's longtime label, Fueled By Ramen, announced its release of the soundtrack to upcoming Megan Fox film Jennifer's Body, and one of the included tracks seems to have perked up a few ears: "Teenagers," by Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams.

The release of a solo song apparently brought out enough of the oft-shouted "Hayley's going solo!" choruses to prompt the singer to set the record straight via her band's LiveJournal.