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Diademas de Accessorize

Diademas de Accessorize la última moda de la popular marca de complementos y accesorios en cuanto a este básico de los accesorios para el pelo, las diademas vienen bien en cualquier temporada, y favorecen a todas no importa si tienen el pelo largo o corto, y estas imágenes les mostrarán los diseños que Accessorize ha preparado de diademas para esta temporada, preciosas diademas que son ideales para cuando quieres lucir muy elegante, porque con algunos brillos, flores y otros adornos, estas bonitas diademas realzarán el peinado que elijas. Ciertamente que con una diadema como éstas poco falta para lucir estupendamente, y los colores son ideales para que las lleves en las fiestas de este fin de año.

Diademas de Accessorize

Peinados 2011 con ondas

Peinados 2011 con ondas, las ondas seguirán siendo también una tendencia en el venidero 2011, y van estupendamente cuando lo que quieres es darle cuerpo a tu cabello, ya sea que lo tengas largo o corto las ondas funcionan bien con ambos largos de pelo. Es importante no excederse en las ondas, algunas veces demasiadas ondas lejos de darle volumen al pelo lo aligeran aún más. Estos peinados que presentamos en estas imágenes son bonitas ideas para ir pensando en ponerle ondas a tu cabello para las fiestas del fin de año o cuando quieras cambiar de look o si eres naturalmente rizada para escoger una forma atractiva de llevarlo.

Peinados 2011 con ondas

Ten years is enough

‘Harry Potter’ stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson said they would not star in the film series again – even if another book was written. The actors have spent the past decade making the wizarding franchise but think that ten years is enough. The author, JK Rowling, said on the ‘Oprah Winfrey’ show that the series might not end at seven novels as she was tempted to write more.

But Watson, 20, who plays the character Hermione Granger, said she would turn down the role. She told Scholastic magazine: “Oh, my goodness – no, I wouldn’t return, it feels so complete what we’ve done. It would just be weird, no way – it would just be really strange.”

And Radcliffe, 21, who plays the lead boy wizard role, isn’t too keen on the idea either. He added: “No, probably not is the answer because 10 years is enough, I think the films have reached a rather perfect and wonderful conclusion.”

The seventh and penultimate flick ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part One’ will be released next month, with its sequel coming next year.

Emma Watson's kissing woes

Emma Watson didn’t pucker up for her kiss scenes – instead, she had to "grit her teeth" during the filming of the latest Harry Potter movie when she was called on to kiss both Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. The next installment of the wizard franchise, Harry Potter And The Deathly.

Watson revealed that she was quite uncomfortable while filming the scenes because she struggled to separate Grint and Radcliffe from their onscreen roles.
"Getting into character to kiss Dan and Rupert was tough. Forgetting all of our history, and our relationship. Putting all that aside and being in character was pretty b**ody hard, it really was,” The Daily Star quoted Watson as saying.

Emma “That required a huge amount of professionalism. I really had to grit my teeth and be like, 'I am Hermione, this is Harry - stop thinking that it's Emma kissing Dan. It's not. It's all good.'"

Watson is a clever woman

Tom plays evil wizard Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, which have been successfully adapted into a movie franchise from British author J.K. Rowling’s children’s books.

On screen, Draco is the arch-enemy of the movie’s main characters; Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, played by Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson respectively. But in real-life there is no such bad feeling, with Tom praising his female co-star for her incredible mind and good manners. He admits they don’t spend much time together outside work though.
“I haven’t seen so much of her,” he told British newspaper The Daily Mail.

“She is very professional and seems like an intelligent lady.”

The 23-year-old actor says he sympathises with Emma over all the attention she receives from the public. There has been speculation over the young star’s love life as she has been linked to a string of men, and Tom says he couldn’t cope with so much interest in his life.

“I would not want there to be a big hoo-ha about what I am doing. I would want to do it really quietly,” he added.

Emma Watson: 'I'm like Dory the fish'

Emma Watson has admitted that she is not interested in being famous.

The Harry Potter actress told magazine that she reminded herself of Dory, a fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in Finding Nemo.

Discussing how she had stayed grounded after achieving global fame as Hermione Granger in the movie series, Watson said: "Harry Potter was entirely filmed in a studio in the middle of nowhere, in the most stinky, leaky, falling-apart shed you can ever imagine, and I went to that place every day for ten years.

"Yes, I made these extremely famous movies, but everything was inside a bubble, with the same people. Everything was really contained. The crew became my family. I wasn’t involved with all the Hollywood stuff, that would've made me feel really disturbed and lost. No-one ever treated me as if I was different from anyone, nobody treated us as stars.
"There's also my breeding. My family - and I can't really make enough emphasis in this - isn't interested in the artistic environment at all. In my house, nobody watches movies, they are academic-oriented, they are just not interested in this.

"Me being an actress is not their dream made true. They just want to watch me happy. Their main focus is not my stardom.

"That’s how I am. Fame never attracted me. Actually, I'm quite shy, I've never liked attention and money. I feel myself a little bit like Finding Nemo's Dory - I just keep swimming and don't turn around to watch the mess."

Emma Watson Likes It Casual And Classic

Actress Emma Watson says that she does not like to follow the latest trends in fashion because she considers herself a normal girl and would like to behave and dress that way!

The popular Hermione Granger from the “Harry Potter” series further explains that people who follow fashion trends look all the same in her eyes, and since she would always like to stand out from the rest in a crowd, she chooses to wear clothes of her choice, clothes which look good on her and complement her personality.
Though fashion is not her cup of tea, Emma Watson still likes to keep herself updated on the latest trends that rule the ramp and so the actress is a regular reader of fashion magazines published in the US, claims excerpts from a recently published interview.

The actress who has won the hearts of many with her Hermione Granger act says that she loves looking elegant and for that purpose, though it may sound clichéd, keeps her style statement simple and classic. Whatever she puts on, the actress stresses that she always keeps the comfort factor in mind and makes sure that her clothes help her to remain relaxed all through the day.

Emma Watson had to `grit her teeth` during Harry Potter kissing scenes

Harry Potter star Emma Watson said she had to 'grit her teeth' during her kissing scenes in the final two movies.

Watson, 20, who plays Hermione in the movie series, has to kiss her co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint in the last film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is being split into two parts.
Speaking to Britain's SFX magazine about the scenes, she said: 'Getting into character to kiss Dan and Rupert was tough also. Forgetting all of our history, and our relationship.

'Putting all that aside and being in character was pretty bloody hard, it really was. That required a huge amount of professionalism. I really had to grit my teeth and be like: 'I am Hermione, this is Harry - stop thinking that it's Emma kissing Dan. It's not. It's all good.''

Emma Watson Exudes Sophisticated Beauty in Elle Russia

October 31, 2010 - Harry Potter star Emma Watson had to travel all the way to Russia for some of her hottest photos yet. The star, 20, posed for the Russian edition of Elle magazine as part of her promotion duties for “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 1.”

In the latest film, which hits theaters Nov. 19, Watson said she had to “grit her teeth” during romantic scenes where she kiss co-stars Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe.
Watson said she felt uncomfortable because she struggled to separate Grint and Radcliffe from their onscreen roles.

“Getting into character to kiss Dan and Rupert was tough. Forgetting all of our history, and our relationship.

“Putting all that aside and being in character was pretty bloody hard, it really was,” she said in a recent interview.

Kristen Stewart Peinado

Kristen Stewart Peinado
Kristen Stewart es una actriz versátil que ha sido lanzado en varios papeles. El papel más conocido o importante, sin embargo, ha sido su papel de Bella Swan en la saga de Crepúsculo. Si usted quiere conseguir un peinado similar a la que los deportes Stewart en Crepúsculo, a continuación, usted debe recordar que sea sencillo. pelo de Stewart está ligeramente en capas, rizada, y no está vestido con una miríada de luces. Además, su peinado es ideal para el adolescente promedio, ya que es halagador y muy fácil de mantener.

Kristen Stewart Peinado

Kristen Stewart Peinado

Peinados afroamericanos

Peinados afroamericanos
Peinados afroamericanos
Cute africanos cortes de pelo corto americano requiere un poco de planificación antes de cortar el pelo hermoso. Cortar la longitud extra y corte es tan corto que se puede medir en pulgadas. El nacimiento del cabello es fácilmente visible y requiere menos tiempo para mantener. Celebrity son cada vez más uso de sus cortes de pelo más corto, gracias a la flexibilidad que proporciona un atajo. cortes de pelo corto, con muy poco cuidado, pueden aparecer tanto glamour y casual, dependiendo de la configuración. considerar algunas miradas lucía por estos cortes de pelo de celebridades corto.
Peinados africanos americanos corto para las mujeres
Peinados afroamericanos
Peinados afroamericanos

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adriana Lima models the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra

Earlier this month, we opted not to cover the hoop-la around the latest version of the Victoria’s Secret diamond bra,as worn by Adriana Lima—as there were some busy news days and catch-up work to do after the many fashion weeks around the world.

However, we’ve noticed that there are many search-engine hits coming to this website, and all visitors are seeing are 2008’s design by Martin Katz.

So, here it is: the 2010 edition, dubbed the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra, modelled once again by Miss Lima, this time created by Italian jeweller Damiani.
The bra “only” costs US$2 million, compared with the US$5 million price tag put on the 2008 version. It features 3,000 brilliant-cut white diamonds, light blue sapphires and oval-shaped topazes, set in 18 ct white gold.
There are 60 ct of diamonds and 82 ct of sapphires and topazes, says Damiani. Over 1,500 hours of labour were put in to the bra.
It will appear in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show annual telecast, airing this year on November 30 on CBS in the US, and the company’s 2010 Christmas Dreams and Fantasies catalogue.
There have been pricier Victoria’s Secret bras. In 2005, the fantasy bra was valued at US$12·5 million, modelled by Gisèle Bündchen.
The 10th anniversary version in 2006 featured 2,000 diamonds weighing a massive 800 ct, valued at US$6·5 million, modelled by Karolina Kurková.

Adriana Lima Dons $2 Million Victoria’s Secret Bra

It’s true that not everything that sparkles is gold or diamonds. However, that’s not the case with the latest Victoria’s Secret creation. The “Bombshell Fantasy Bra” is made from real diamonds and white gold! This undergarment will surely make any woman more desirable than ever! Well whoever can afford it since it costs an astounding $2 million!

The “Bombshell Fantasy Bra” is designed with over 3,000 pieces of white diamonds totalling to almost 60 carats, light blue sapphires totalling to 82 carats, and tiny oval topazes. Six people worked on it for 1,500 hours!

This is not the first time that Victoria’s Secret came up with an extravagant bra. In 2008 the brand designed one that cost $4.7 million. And before that there was also one that amounted to $6.5 million. Hmm, this year’s is only $2 million. Does this mean Victoria’s Secret is becoming less extravagant?

Anyhow, Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima has the honour of wearing this million dollar bra. She was also the one chosen to model the previous $4.7 million creation.

If you want to see the new “Bombshell Fantasy Bra” Adriana will be modelling it on Tuesday November 30 during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Adriana Lima Wearing The $3 Million Fantasy Bra & More Hot Details About The Upcoming Victoria’s Secret Show!

What more could you want than sexy lingerie, amazing performers, and some of the world’s hottest models? Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley, and Chanel Iman are all set to walk in the show on Nov. 30 while Katy Perry and Akon will entertain the crowd with their hit songs.

Although there will definitely be a void from the absence of fallen angel Heidi Klum and pregnant Miranda Kerr, their stellar line-up is definitely something to get excited about!

One thing’s for sure, this year’s show will certainly be extra sparkly, thanks to the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. Adriana Lima is set to model the $3 million blinged out bra, made up of over 2,000 diamonds! Last year, Marisa Miller had the honor of storming the runway and showing off the pricey sparkler.

Don’t fret over not getting an invite — the best part about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is that EVERYONE can watch it! So make sure you check it out on November 30th, at 10 PM on CBS.

Adriana Lima to Model $3M Victoria's Secret Diamond Bra

Model Adriana Lima has been chosen to model this year's Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra.

The 2010 version of the diamond-studded undergarment, which is released in a different design every year, is called the Bombshell and features 2,000 diamonds set in a starburst design. The price tag? A cool $3 million.

Last year's Fantasy Bra, called the Harlequin, was also valued at $3 million, but these are by far not the most expensive of the Victoria's Secret diamond bras. In 2005, the lingerie company put out a diamond bra worth $12.5 million that was modeled by Gisele Bundchen of Brazil.

Adriana Lima will be wearing the $2 Million Bra for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC

t’s almost time for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and I couldn’t be more excited!!! (Click to see my coverage from last year)

The show is scheduled to take place live from New York City on Tuesday, November 30 on CBS. Adriana Lima was recently announced the next V.S. beauty in line to wear the famous $2 million Fantasy bra which features 2,000 diamonds

Adriana wearing €2m bra

Supermodel Adriana Lima looked better than a million dollars posing in diamond-studded underwear. To be precise, she looked like €1.7 million – the amount of money the piece of lingerie has been priced at. The well-known fashion model wore a bra decorated with jewellery ahead of the forthcoming Victoria’s Secret show, to be held in New York in November.

Adriana Lima endorsed one of the priciest items from the Fantasy Bra line, the value of which is nearly €2 million. The underwear is decorated with sunray-shaped diamonds, while 2,000 diamonds were built into the one piece of garment alone.

The occasion why the wife of Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric wore the so-called Bombshell bra was to announce one of the most highly-anticipated fashion shows of the year.

Adriana Lima to wear 3 million dollar Fantasy Bra

Heidi Klum may have been top dog within the Victoria's Secret show, but having announced that she will be taking a break from this years show it seems Adriana Lima has been passed the prized baton. The Brazilian will have the honour of wearing the $3 million Bombshell Fantasy Bra at this year’s show.

Airing on CBS on November 30th, the bra in question has sixty carats of white diamonds and eighty two carats of topaz and sapphire. All up the bra features 2,000 diamonds (all placed by hand) and a price tag of nearly $3 million.

The 29 year old beauty also had the privilege of wearing the black diamond Fantasy Bra in 2008. This year will mark Adriana’s highly anticipated return to the Victoria's Secret catwalk, after giving birth to her daughter Valentine last November.

Other models set to take to the much hyped runway this year include Alessandra Ambrosio and pregnant Aussie, Miranda Kerr. Katy Perry and Akon have also been announced as the evening’s entertainment.