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Consejos para peinarse con un rostro redondo

Consejos para peinarse con un rostro redondo, ciertamente que ya les hemos mostrado estilos de peinados para las chicas que tienen el rostro redondo, así puedan sacarse el mejor partido del mismo, y en el caso de los rostros redondos que por tener las mejillas llenitas puedan dar la sensación de ser ligeramente “llenitos” hay reglas básicas a tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir cómo peinarse y son eso básicas con ellas no tienes oportunidad de fallar.

  • Evitar el volumen en el cabello a los lados eso es rizos o mucho cabello
  • El corte en capas viene estupendo si lo llevas corto con los extremos más definidos aligeran tu rostro.
  • Si vas a utilizar accesorios usa de los que llevan adornos en la parte de arriba de la cabeza
  • Y si vas a usar extensiones que el cabello que aumentarás con ellas sea sobre la parte alta de la cabeza

Consejos para peinarse con un rostro en forma de corazón

Consejos para peinarse con un rostro en forma de corazón, los rostros en forma de corazón suelen ser menos comúnes pero si los hay, y con ellos al igual que con otras formas de rostro hay que tener unas reglas básicas para sacarle al peinado el mejor provecho, el rostro en forma de corazón es el que tiene las mandíbulas más estrechas que la frente y la barbilla en forma puntiaguda.

  • Suele verse bien con el pelo corto o largo
  • Los cortes deben ser con capas de suave caída para aligerar el trazo de la barbilla
  • Los cortes muy definidos como los sesgados, los punk o despeinados no les van bien

Consejos para peinarse con un rostro cuadrado

Consejos para peinarse con un rostro cuadrado, este tipo de rostro suele requerir un corte que lo aligere ya que siendo la mandíbula del mismo ancho que la frente puede dar la sensación de facciones duras que puedes favorecer usando el cabello en cortes que den la sensación de movimiento y mucho cuerpo.

  • Cortar con rizos, ondas y capas que caigan en cascada suave alrededor del rostro
  • Los accesorios que utilices deben centrar su atractivo sobre la parte superior de la cabeza porque eso aligera la apariencia del rostro
  • Los flequillos a un lado benefician bastante

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Emma Watson Dons Wardrobe Assistant Dress for 'My Week with Marilyn'

A first image of Emma Watson from her latest movie "My Week with Marilyn" has gone online. Brought out by The Daily Mail, the shot sees the actress, who is famous for portraying Hermione Granger in "Harry Potter", donning a chic cardigan as she plays Lucy, an assistant in the wardrobe department at Pinewood studios in 1956.

A biopic of Marilyn Monroe, the film is based on a memoir by Colin Clark, who worked as Laurence Olivier's assistant on the picture "The Prince And The Showgirl". He penned a diary that charted nine days of close contact with Marilyn. In the diary, he includes a story about skinny-dipping with the bombshell in the Thames and taking her to visit his godfather at Windsor Castle.20-year-old Emma will star opposite Eddie Redmayne whose leading character Colin is dating hers. Joining Emma and Eddie in the cast ensemble are artists including Michelle Williams, who has been slated to portray Marilyn, Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, and Dominic Cooper who is going to play Marylin's business partner Milton Greene.

Producer Harvey Weinstein expresses his excitement to see Emma in this Simon-Curtis directed film. He told The Daily Mail, "For ten years she has been this schoolgirl in the Harry Potter films and now you see her as a woman for the first time." He added, "She has an elegance about her - she looks like Jean Shrimpton! - plus she has a gift for comedy and drama, and we're just starting to see her range."

Harry Potter cast had to re-shoot scenes after emotional goodbyes!

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are back on set to re-film the final scene of the last ever Harry Potter flick. Even Platform 9 3/4 came out of storage. HURRAY!

The famous Harry Potter three were called back to the set this week after the director decided they looked too old in the final cut when they're all made up to be middle aged. They were apparently all more than happy to see each other again even though they'd already gone through all their tearful goodbyes.

Bit awkward, surely?

In the edit the director thought they looked practically ancient rather than middle-aged when they're all at the station sending off their own kids to Hogwarts. They've had to re-shoot the whole scene, complete with the train and the station.

We would say something about the cost - but we don't really think that would have been an issue. Daniel alone is worth £45million. We're sure he could lend them a couple of quid.

Aren't they all going to have to go through the crying, weeping goodbyes again though? Apparently it was a proper hug-a-thon when it ended before. They've all worked together for a decade after all. Since they were miniscule children - not even real people.

We reckon they should just slap each other on the back this time around. Or do the whole 'you thought I was going to shake your hand, but I'm actually going to do the nyah nyah nyah face with my hand stuck to my nose' thing.

Victoria's Secret arrives in Dubai

The ultimate destination for fragrance and style, made famous on the catwalk by supermodels like Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr, has finally made its way to Dubai. The UAE's first stand-alone Victoria's Secret store, owned and operated by M.H. Alshaya Co., opened yesterday in Mirdif City Centre. The opening follows the launch of its first ever Middle East outlet in Kuwait's Marina Mall just two weeks ago.

The new stores primarily offer Victoria's Secret beauty and branded accessories. The Victoria's Secret brand has already been introduced to consumers in the Middle East through concessions in Debenhams stores in The Avenues in Kuwait City and Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The new larger stand-alone stores will give customers access to a much wider range from the brand including the new Victoria's Secret Bombshel fragrance, America's #1 fragrance Dream Angel, the Secret Garden Collection, VS Makeup, Beauty Rush and Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. Along with the beauty products and exclusive branded accessories, the stores will offer a limited assortment of the brand's best-selling innerwear, sleepwear and loungewear.

Steve Vickerstaff, Vice President of Victoria's Secret in the Middle East, commented on the brand's arrival in the UAE saying, "The Middle East is naturally a great market for Victoria's Secret to expand in. The brand has global appeal, and strong demand and loyalty to our products is already clearly evident by customers here. The opening of stand-alone stores in the Middle East allows us to meet our customers' love for Victoria's Secret better and lets us offer them a wider range of products."

The design of the Middle East Victoria's Secret locations is sophisticated and glamorous. The façades take a modern approach with dynamic pink and black storefronts. The interiors feature a gallery of iconic black and white Victoria's Secret Supermodel imagery and showcase products in an environment that's forever young, playful and bright.

Regular store hours are 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday and 10.00 am to 12.00 a.m. Thursday to Saturday.

Adriana Lima & Victoria’s Secret Mega Money Bra

Victoria’s Secret annually produces one very expensive jewel-encrusted bra. The 2010 edition, the $2 million Bombshell Fantasy Bra paled in comparison next to super hot Adriana Lima. The model headed to Woodfield Mall outside Chicago in Schaumburg, Illinois where the undergarment (and the Brazilian babe) were on display for a few hours on December 8th.

Lima, gorgeous hair slightly tousled, wore a bright red dress while the white sparkly bra, faded in the background next to the model.

The Damiani Jewelry designed bra included 60 carats of diamonds and 82 carats of sapphires and topazes was the same design worn by Adriana for the annual VS show in November.

I'm Sexier After Pregnancy

As one of Victoria's Secret supermodels, Adriana Lima is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. But what makes her feel sexier than she's ever felt before?

Giving birth

That's right.

On "The Early Show" Tuesday morning, new mom and co-anchor Erica Hill said, "Was it hard to get back out there in lingerie? You look great, but for any woman it's tough. No matter how good you look, you feel different."

Lima replied, "Actually, I feel more confident, even more beautiful, more sexy after I gave birth to my daughter."

However, Lima said, she was worried about getting back on the catwalk after gaining 50 pounds during her pregnancy.

"That's all (the weight) I tell," she said. "That's all I can say. ... I was very nervous about it. I say, 'Am I going to be able to, you know, lose the weight? I don't know how my body's going to react.' How fast I was going to lose the weight. It wasn't an easy road. But, you know, I'm persistent. So it wasn't easy to find, you know, an extra 30 minutes between Valentina's naps to just run to the gym and you know, do my jumping rope and my boxing."

"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez said, "Erica (Hill) has an 8-month-old. I have a 5-month-old. So we know exactly how you feel. On top of everything else here you have to go back to work and worry about is your child going to sleep through the night? Are you going to be able to juggle motherhood and your job. Did you feel that?"

Lima said, "I was afraid, because, you know, I wanted to be -- I want to be a good mother. You know, I wanted to give the best for Valentina. And she's, of course, my priority. So, yes, I was worried about, you know, giving as much time as I could possibly do for her. I felt guilty even to leave her asleep in her room. I cannot do that. I was, 'OK, baby you go to your room now,' and then after 10 minutes I would go back to her room, pick her up. I'm like, you know what? After she's going to grow up, she's going to be 15 and she's going to live alone for 40 years of her life. So what? Let me enjoy my moments with her."

Lima added pregnancy made her "feel complete somehow."

She said, "I think that hormonal changes during pregnancy, I think a woman needs that for her body, for her skin. I feel more beautiful."

Lima is famously known for wearing a $2 million fantasy bra, designed by Italian designed Damiani, in the Victoria's Secret show. The bra features more than 3,000 white diamonds, light blue sapphires and oval-shaped topazes.
Lima said wearing the bra was "amazing."

She said, "It was honor."

ADRIANA LIMA knows a thing or two about selling smalls.

Clad in a variety of jaw-dropping garments, the Brazilian model sizzles in a new campaign for Victoria's Secret.

Pouting in a series of settings and eye-popping lingerie, it's hard to dispute the title of the undies giant's new catalogue: Little Book Of Sexy.

If she's planning to carry on turning up the heat for such shoots, long may the big freeze continue.

Supermodel Hits Town with a Multi-Million Dollar Bra

What girl doesn’t want to be draped in diamonds from head to toe?

Supermodel Adriana Lima agrees, and she’s the lucky one who gets to sport a diamond-encrusted bra made worth more than your life savings. The Victoria’s Secret bombshell is coming to Woodfield Mall on Wednesday to show off her bling.
She’ll be on display at the Victoria's Secret store from 5-7pm sporting the infamous $2 million Bombshell Fantasy Bra that made its debut just last week during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (also re-airing tonight on CBS).

The fantasy bra is comprised of more than 3,000 brilliant cut white diamonds, light blue sapphires and oval-shaped topazes, all set in 18 karat white gold. The bra features 60 carats of diamonds and 82 carats of sapphires and topazes. It took six craftsmen 1500 hours of full-time labor to hand-set each individual diamond.

Regardless of whether your eyes will be glued to Adriana, the blinging bra, or a little bit of both, her and that fantasy bra will be there. When you’re done drooling, you can come meet her and even get an autograph.

Adriana Lima’s Comeback at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

After taking a hiatus in her modeling career, Adriana Lima, one of Victoria’s Secret hottest models, worked her way down the runway this last Wednesday November 10 during the world-famous lingerie line’s fashion show.

Lima, a 29 year old angel of Victoria’s Secret is from Brazil. No argument about it, she looked absolutely gorgeous as she made her return to the modeling scene after taking a break in 2009 to have her first child.

It is no surprise that this year that stunning Lima was chosen as the official bearer of the Victoria’s Secret million dollar bra. Her body looks perfect as ever.

Adriana Lima & Karolína Kurkova On Being Model Moms

Moms Adriana Lima and Karolína Kurková were thrilled to be back on the catwalk at this month's Victoria's Secret show in New York.

“Coming back this year is quite exciting,” Adriana, who is mom to 1-year-old daughter Valentina, told Access Hollywood. “It was a long road of waiting and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to lose the baby weight.... To find time to go to the gym with sleepless nights is not easy — trust me! Every time Valentina would take a nap, I would go to the gym. So, 50 lbs later, I’m here!”

Karolína, whose son Archie is 1, adds that she feels like she can do it all now that she's a mom.

“You become this powerful big mama who can deal with anything, do everything. I take care of the house, I cook, I work, I walk the runway.

“I said to my son this morning, ‘Mommy’s gonna be an angel for a day, and then she’s gonna be right back, OK?’”

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Movie memories we'd like to obliviate - 2010 edition

Watching Hermione obliviate her poor Muggle parents into forgetting she ever existed during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 brought tears to my eyes, and not just because of the pain on poor Emma Watson's face. Deep down inside part of me wept because no matter how hard I try, I'll never be able to magically erase my own excruciating memories -- those vivid, lingering visions of the worst crimes committed against cinema in the past year alone.
So here's the next best idea; I'll share these movie memories with you and together we can banish these awful, embarrassing viewing experiences to the darkest reaches of our collective minds, never to be remembered again

Emma Watson and Harry Potter co-stars to re-shoot crucial final Deathly Hallows scenes

When Emma Watson chopped off all her hair into a daring pixie crop in August, it was a sign that she had finally left Hermione behind.

But now it seems the makeover was a little premature, as she and her Harry Potter co-stars are called back to re-shoot scenes for Deathly Hallows: Part 2 over Christmas.

The 20-year-old described in a recent interview how she and co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint broke down on the final day of filming.
I cracked first, obviously being the girl,' she told the Daily Mail last month. 'Dan cracked second, then Rupert - we were all in floods of tears.'

But even though they were sad to leave behind something that had defined their childhoods, the three stars have all expressed relief that it was over.

So they may have been a little irritated to have to return to Platform 9 and 3/4 to re-shoot the important closing scenes - which take place 19 years in the future.

As fans of the books remember, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as well as Ron's sister Ginny, return to King's Cross station to send their own children off to Hogwarts for their first year of school.

Emma Watson in the search of a wig!

Emma Watson's new look with cropped hair has troubled Harry Potter bosses.

Now producers are searching for a Hermoine wig for Watson, as they have to re-shoot a few scenes of the in Part Two of the 'Deathly Hallows' movie, reports the Daily Star.

Emma, 20, has earlier said her new look was her way of saying goodbye to Hermione after 10 years with long, wavy hair.

Does Emma Watson Need a Wig?

A pixie-haired Emma Watson wowed at last month's penultimate "Harry Potter" premiere but the freedom she gleaned from the cute haircut may have been short lived. Seems that the actress and her co-stars have been summoned by Warner Bros. to re-shoot closing scenes for the "Deathly Hallows: Part 2."

"I’ve been on Harry Potter for ten years now, so I felt the need to mark the end of it in some way – I needed some way to say to myself, 'Right, you’re entering a new phase of your life now,'" Watson told the Daily Mail of her cropped hair. "I needed a change, and that’s what the haircut is about." True, but how's she going to play bushy-haired Hermione when she doesn't have any hair? There is some wiggle room to be had...
The scene set to be re-filmed over the holidays, involves Hermione, Ron and Harry 19 years after they graduated from Hogwarts as they send their children off to their first year at the wizarding school. Makeup artists will age Watson well beyond her normally youthful look and will have to scramble to find a middle-aged Hermione hairstyle on a suitable wig (can anyone imagine perky Hermione with gray hair?). But if there's anyone who recognizes what it takes to make a film look its best, it's the young crew at Harry Potter, who spent the past decade filming the series. "We only had two days to shoot it and we needed so much more time than that," Watson said, adding understandingly that "We have re-shoots at Christmas."

Emma Watson Kills Us With Christmas Cuteness

As if we couldn't love Emma Watson any more than we already do, she has to do this.

Just like last year, the adorable Harry Potter star manages to get us into the holiday spirit by once again posting a cute video on her website.

"Hi guys! I just wanted to send you a message to say Happy Christmas," a smiling Emma says. "I hope you're having an amazing holiday and just thanks for everything. Merry Christmas!"

She then proceeds to blow a kiss into the camera. Yep. Gotta love her.

I'm "Addicted to Knowledge"

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Emma Watson may be leaving Hermione Granger behind on the film set, but not in her heart - the actress says the two share a similar passion for learning.

Watson, whose character in the Harry Potter movies made it cool to be a studious teacher's pet, says she's "addicted to knowledge" and motivated to keep learning while doing other film projects.

Watson, who has played Hermione for more than half her life, is currently a sophomore at Brown University in Rhode Island where she is majoring in history. Unlike many of her young Potter costars, she chose to continue her education after graduating from high school.
"I love learning. I'm just addicted to knowledge. It just like, makes me happy. It keeps me motivated," she said in an interview while promoting her latest film, the first installment of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Education, she continued, is a vital part of life.

"I don't think that by doing these movies I know everything. I just feel like that's the point of being alive, to try and understand the world that's around you. And it just keeps me in touch with real life," she said.

While some stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton pass on college to pursue their high-profile careers, there are others like Watson, who not only make time for college but have graduated from prestigious universities.

Kissing Emma Watson was tricky

Rupert Grint has revealed that his kiss with Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson was a bit tricky.

But the 22-year-old actor said that despite some initial awkwardness, the smooch ended up feeling quite natural.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Grint explained, 'The kiss happened quite naturally. It was quite a tricky kiss, a bit strange, but quite sweet really,' he said. 'It was just one shot, but we had about six takes. It was all right, yeah. Easy after the first take.'

He also admitted that he wasn't prepared for how upsetting the end of the franchise would be.
'It felt like the last day at school, packing up all the stuff in my dressing room, all the old toys still there from when I was 11. I'd underestimated how emotional it would be. We all cried,' he said.

Harry Potter is not the end of my career

Actress Emma Watson does not understand why people are treating the end of the Harry Potter series as a bad omen as she is eagerly waiting for new opportunities.

The 20-year-old actress, who starred as wizard kid Hermione Granger in the franchise for more than ten years said that she was sad but at the same time felt a huge sense of relief as she can't wait to see what future holds for her, Contactmusic reported.

"People keep saying to me, 'So this is the end, how do you feel about it being the end?' And I'm like, 'It really doesn't feel that to me.' It feels like the beginning. It's actually really an exciting time for me rather than this kind of the end.

"I can't stand everyone calling it the end. I'm 20 years old. Seriously. It feels like I've been handed my life back, like I've been let off a leash," said Watson.

While the British beauty is looking forward to a future without Harry Potter, she is clueless about the career path after she completes her education".
"People are constantly like, 'What are you going to do?' 'What is your career plan?' 'What direction do you want it to take?' 'What roles do you have lined up?' And I'm just like, 'Sorry, I haven't got everything mapped out, I'm only 20.' And they look at me as if I'd have this perfectly calculated life plan and how I want my career to look. And I really don't know yet. I'm still open to possibilities," she added.

Beauty Emma Watson shines in lace

Lace is the go-to trend for the festive period. Throw on a black lace dress and your sure to wow at any event, just like Emma Watson did at the Harry Potter première.

Okay, I do understand that her dress was designed by Rafael Lopez and we are more likely to buy one from River Island, but it doesn't mean that they will be any less beautiful.

The high street has a never ending supply of look-a-likes and this trend is no different, Marks and Spencer have a version of Watson's frock for a nifty £89.

Dolce and Gabbana have forever instilled lace into their collections, adding subtle touches to their clothing, making women feel that little more sexy. Gucci, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Chanel all included the material in their winter designs this season.
However, not all lace this winter needs to be in the form of a dress. A small hint in a skirt or top is equally as stylish. Next have beautiful lace shirts that will look great, day or night paired with a leather pants or shorts, this is bang on trend and takes ultimate inspiration from Christopher Kane.

But if you want a head-to-toe look, that's not a dress, take a risk like Leighton Meester and wear a jumpsuit. Her off the shoulder, see through Marchesa jumpsuit shows that she is one of the celebrities to lead the fashion pack.

Steer away from Morticia Addams and avoid the lank black hair and black lips. Instead use colour on the lips and a loose up-do which is effortlessly cool, and ultimately stylish.

Emma Watson wanted to quit Harry Potter!

Emma Watson may be one of the most popular young actors; she may be globally renowned at barely twenty but there was a time when she contemplated quitting Harry Potter (HP). That was when she was 16 and had her initial contract got renewed. After the shooting of the 5th installment, HP and the Order of the Phoenix, she had the option of pulling out of the franchisee and indeed, she was quite tempted to do the same.

The reason for that was the ugly, negative side that the films had ushered her in. Despite growing up, she had to behave like a school girl and was always told about what to do and what not to do. She laments that she would always get told what time she would get picked up or what time she could have her meal.
Emma regrets that she often felt miserable and powerless because her life was not in her control. She also recalls how she and her co-stars went completely cold and wet for months while shooting the runaway scenes in Deathly Hallows.

She calls this phase as the most intense and grueling period of film-making. However, now curtains have fallen on the series and she feels liberated and happy.

Emma Watson's Floral Gold Bracelet

Emma Watson showed off her floral gold bracelet while attending the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere. It was the perfect accessory for her Calvin Klein dress and heels.

We've spotted other celebrities with a similar look, including Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Hudgens, and Megan Fox. Check out all 80 pictures in the Gold Bracelet Lookbook.
Emma Watson is not only starring in the most talked about movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but she has also been, making quit a fashion statement. With a new cropped 'do and fierce style, Emma stays on our radar.

Emma Watson’s magical transformation

LONDON—The premiere was for a movie about a boy wizard but the one making all the magic was 20-year-old Emma Watson.

Best known for playing bossy Hermione Granger (and earning the equivalent of $32 million Canadian in the process, making her Hollywood’s highest-paid actress), Watson has grown from a frizzy-haired 10-year-old kid in oversized sweaters into a chic, fashion-forward young woman. She sported a new, short pixie cut in the red carpet for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 on Friday and made the front page of all the London papers the next morning.
“Bewitching,” one headline read. “Em’s black magic,” said another, a nod to the figure-hugging, black lace minidress with inky feathered hem that Watson wore with such confidence.

“Thank you. Thanks very much,” Watson told the Star graciously when complimented on her new look.

Emma Watson shares Hermione's passion for learning

LONDON (AP) — Emma Watson may be leaving Hermione Granger behind on the film set, but not in her heart — the two share a similiar passion for learning.

Watson, whose character in the Harry Potter movies made it cool to be a studious teacher's pet, says she's "addicted to knowledge" and motivated to keep learning while doing other film projects.

Watson, who has played Hermione for more than half her life, is a sophomore at Brown University in Rhode Island where she is majoring in history. Unlike many of her young Potter co-stars, she chose to continue her education after graduating from high school.

"I love learning. I'm just addicted to knowledge. It just like, makes me happy. It keeps me motivated," she said in a interview while promoting her latest film, the first installment of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Although the Potter films have enabled Watson to travel the globe and work with many critically acclaimed actors, she said she doesn't feel like she has learned enough yet. Education, she said, is a vital part of life.
"I don't think that by doing these movies I know everything. I just feel like that's the point of being alive, to try and understand the world that's around you. And it just keeps me in touch with real life," she said.

Hermione, the frizzy-haired smarty-pants heroine in the Potter series, battles evil witches and wizards with brainpower and magical skill. She makes it cool to love learning — a refreshing role model for young girls bombarded by too-cool-for-school attitudes often seen in TV shows or tween novels.

Back in the Muggle world, Watson must balance life between her acting career and her rigorous studies at an Ivy League school, which she says is "not easy".

"I think I'm going to have to work very hard over Thanksgiving. I've got like three or four days off, and I'll have a lot of reading to catch up on," she said.

Watson acknowledged there has been some "cross-pollination" between herself and Hermione and says she will miss playing the role tremendously — but it's time to enter a new stage.

Emma Watson steps out in studded-sleeve trenchcoat

She's making a name for herself with an increasingly individual and eclectic fashion sense.

And Emma Watson didn't disappoint yesterday when she stepped out in New York wearing a very stylish Burberry trench coat with studded sleeves.

She also carried a matching black studded bag to complete the whole edgy look.

She wore a very unusual thigh-skimming ink blot minidress underneath that showed off her gamine figure to perfection.

And the Rorsache test-inspired design shows that the Harry Potter star isn't afraid to play with unusual and untraditional looks.

Emma wore the dress and the Burberry jacket as she arrived at the New York studios for the David Letterman show, where she was a guest last night.

And for the show itself, she changed into a vibrant sparkling red and black dress.
It looks like the 20-year-old is developing a real passion for fashion - she recently revealed that she will be collaborating with design house Alberta Ferretti.

With an established line for People Tree already to her name, this will be her second design venture.

Emma says ‘She [Alberta] wrote to me and said, "I saw what you did with People Tree and I think it’s a great idea and will you do something with me?"'

Emma Watson teams up with Alberta Ferretti to design clothes

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has teamed up with Alberta Ferretti to design a brand new line of clothes.

"We are doing an organic clothing range. I can't reveal the name yet but there will be more information about it soon," quoted Watson as saying in London.

As for the creative inspiration behind the collection, Emma shared it’s ‘very classic, 60s Jane Birkin’.

Ferretti first contacted Watson after learning about the actress's People Tree organic clothing line.

“She wrote to me and said, ‘I saw what you did with People Tree and I think it's a great idea and will you do something with me?’,” Watson said.
She jumped at the chance to work with the famed designer -- and revealed that she would work with anyone who also shared her passion for organic, ethical clothing.

“I will put it out there that I will work for anyone for free if they are prepared to make their clothing fair trade organic,” the actress said.

The collection will make its debut before the last Harry Potter is released.