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Adriana Lima Reveals Struggle to Lose Pregnancy Pounds

Adriana Lima looks as picture perfect in a sexy swimsuit.

But it wasn't always that way.

The 29-year-old said gaining pregnancy pounds was an uncomfortable experience, and the stress involved with getting back her pre-baby body after giving birth to daughter Valentina in 2009 was even worse.

“I was really worried, I did gain a lot of weight – let’s say more than 25 pounds,” Lima told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while showing off the 2011 Victoria’s Secret’s SWIM Collection alongside fellow “Bombshells” Alessandra Ambrosio and Candace Swanepoel in Los Angeles last week. “I ate whatever I wanted – my daughter was my first priority. I tried to keep her healthy, eat healthily, and exercise but not too much. I did light walks and things like that."
Lima said it took her a year to get back hre bikini body,and has tips on how new moms can slim back down.

“My first advice is not to eat sugar and oil – that will help a lot,” she advised. “But if you get stressed about it, it is not good for you and you won’t lose weight. Even if you are working out and you’re on a diet, you are not going to lose weight.”
The Brazilian-born beauty said that despite her best efforts she simply couldn’t shift the pounds,

and it was only when she started to relax and get some shut-eye that the scale started to budge.

“[It is so important] not to stress. I had a problem in the beginning because at one point I was so stressed,” she continued. “I wasn’t getting a proper night of sleep, so I wasn’t losing weight.”

Nonetheless, entering the realm of model mommyhood definitely does have an aesthetic upside too – as proven by Lima’s very evident extra glow.

“What can I say? It’s the hormones,” she laughed. “I’m so blessed to give birth, really blessed and lucky.”

Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel responds to 'too skinny' claims

VICTORIA'S Secret model Candice Swanepoel has responded to claims she has become too thin.

The 22-year-old South African beauty’s shockingly skinny shape stirred controversy online after an appearance to promote Victoria's Secret new line of swimwear.

Swanepoel did the Victoria's Secret launch at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles next to models Alessandra Ambrosia and Adriana Lima and was noticeably thinner than her in-shape counterparts.

Swanepoel is taking the criticism in her stride, insisting that she is "healthy and happy”, RadarOnline reports

"I'm heartened to know how much everyone cares about me, but in this case, everything is normal and good,” she told People magazine.

Victoria's Secret models introduce this year's swimwear collection.

Club L was buzzing when four Victoria's Secret angels descended on Sunset Boulevard to launch the 2011 Swim line for the intimates label on Wednesday.

Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr had been at media events all day and were ready to party. Other guests included John Legend and David Spade.

The talk of the 2011 collection was the newly launched Stringkini, modeled by Swanepoel in the video. “It’s my favorite,” Lima said. “It’s the smallest one, and you know I don’t like tan lines,” she said. “And I will always stick with animal print, the cheetah.” Lima was wearing a vintage dress that she said was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. “I wanted to look like I just came out of the swimming pool and I’m wet,” she said of her bejeweled mini-dress with a plunging neckline.

Swanepoel had her own philosophy on choosing the right bathing suit. “You have to think about what your best asset is and choose a suit to accentuate that,” she said. “I like the one-pieces that are very high-cut on the leg, like the ’80s, so my legs look even longer.”

She also raved about the Victoria’s Secret Miraculous bikini that uses technology from the line’s Miraculous push-up bras to add two cup sizes. “I always used to wear padded bras; then I would go to the beach and people would see the reality,” she said. Fellow angel Ambrosio liked the Miraculous bikini too. “Every man will love it,” she said.

Adriana Lima’s Italian Dinner Date

Stepping out for a romantic evening, Adriana Lima was spotted at Le Petit Restaurant in Milan, Italy last night (April 14).

Joined by her hunky basketball-playing husband Marko Jaric, the Victoria’s Secret hottie looked to be in good spirits as she headed inside.

In a recent interview, Adriana confessed that she had a harder time losing her baby weight than she had previously thought.

“I was really worried,” she explained. “I did gain a lot of weight- let’s say more than 25 pounds. I ate whatever I wanted- my daughter was my first priority. I tried to keep her healthy, eat healthily, and exercise but not too much. I did light walks and things like that.”

Victoria's Secret Models Launch New Swimwear Line

Spring just started but the gorgeous ladies of Victoria's Secret are here to remind you summer's just around the corner!

Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima all modeled the summer line of Victoria's Secret 2011 'SWIM' collection today at the Mondrian Hotel -- where they looked incredible, naturally, in some little black bathing suits!

The new line enhances the wearer's natural figure by two full cup sizes, according to Stylist.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima Gush About Model Mommyhood

There are now plenty of hot moms in the Victoria's Secret crew, as longtime Angels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes and Miranda Kerr have all given birth in the past couple of years. And Adriana will be the first to tell you that since the birth of her daughter, Valentina, she's become even more of a fox.

"It was the best thing that can happen to my life," Lima told Hollyscoop. "During pregnancy it was great. Those pregnancy hormones did wonders to me. I feel much more beautiful, sexier, more womanly. I think my hair, my skin is much better now."

Alessandra Ambrosio explained, "Motherhood changed my life in that everything I do I think about my daughter." She noted, "I just give more time to be with her and take care of myself to be able to take good care of her."
Miranda Kerr was similarly effusive, saying, "It's just incredible. I feel so blessed and so luck to just have a beautiful and healthy child. It's just incredible."

Sounds like mommyhood is nothing short of heavenly when you're a Victoria's Secret supermodel.

I feel sexier since birth

Adriana Lima has revealed that having her daughter Valentina has made her feel "more womanly".

The model, who gave birth 16 months ago, said that she feels sexier than ever before. She told Hollyscoop: "It was the best thing that can happen to my life. During pregnancy it was great. Those pregnancy hormones did wonders to me.

"I feel much more beautiful, sexier, more womanly. I think my hair, my skin is much better now."

The 29-year-old also praised her fellow Victoria's Secrets models and new mothers Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes.

She added: "They were asking a few questions. I think they're very responsible and very gentle. I'm sure they're being wonderful mothers."

Lima has previously revealed that she prefers being a mother to being a model because it's taught her what unconditional love is.

Adriana Lima’s new Victoria’s Secret pictures are nice

Here’s how I envision this particular photo shoot going down: “Adriana, don’t worry too much about the front of your body, today we’re going with 90% ass shots. How do you feel about that?” Her nodding in agreement and then they get to work. I wonder how Marko Jaric feels about being married to a woman knowing that the rest of the males of the world can pretty much just stare at that ass any time and any day of the week. I think I would find it unnerving. Then again if I could pull that kind of tail maybe I wouldn’t care.

Did we mention that it's National Cleavage Day?

Did we mention that it's National Cleavage Day? Well, it is - we've got some of our own finest coming up soon, but in the meantime here are some international ones courtesy of the Victoria's Secret SWIM launch.

Last time we saw Miranda Kerr's breast, it had a baby attached to it. Not last night, though - she left child and her nursing bra at home with Orlando Bloom for the night and headed out with her fellow Victorias Secrets Angels for some new swimwear launch. Alessandra Ambrosio seems nice (in the eyes we mean), but why does Adriana Lima always look so cross? No bother, she can scowl at us anytime she likes.
As well as the models, Kim Kardashian was there (has she endorsed bras yet? Probably), John Legend, Joe Jonas and some other underwear enthusiasts - SWIM fans you could call them (god, that was the shittest film ever).

One final point, aren't Victoria's Secret models meant to be celebrated for their curves...

Adriana Lima Steps Out in a Studded Cocktail Dress

Adriana Lima shows off her mile long legs in a black studded cocktail dress and leather jacket. The model wore platform evening sandals with the look.

Adriana pulled her dark hair back into a pony tail. She wore hoop earrings and carried a large black bag.

We've spotted other celebrities with a similar look, including Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Emily Deschanel. Check out all 2293 pictures in the Cocktail Dress Lookbook.

How to Get Bikini Ready for Summer

Summer is right around the corner and if you want to look your best in a teeny tiny bikini, you need to put down that donut and get cracking on working on your bikini body.

Memorial Day weekend is less than 7 weeks away so you still have time to get in shape—but you have to start ASAP!

Victoria's Secret models get paid for looking fabulous in bikinis, so who better to get diet and exercise tips from?

New mom Miranda Kerr just gave birth to a healthy baby boy in January and she’s already ready for bikini season. How did she shed the weight so fast?

“For me eating healthy is my priority, especially not just for myself but for my son now,” Miranda told Hollyscoop at the Victoria’s Secret 2011 Swim launch party.

So what did her post baby diet consist of?

“I’m breastfeeding so it’s really important that I continue to eat healthy. I wake up in the morning and have some fresh green juice then some oatmeal, it depends how I’m feeling. Some blueberries.”

But it’s not just about eating healthy. You have to put in some time at the gym too! “I also do some Yoga as well and doing some squats,” added Miranda.

Fellow Angel Adriana Lima is also a new mom that slimmed down after giving birth, but it didn’t come easy!

“It took me basically ten months really to get back or kind of close to the shape I was before pregnancy,” Adriana confessed to Hollyscoop. “I try to eat healthy and workout. Jump rope- walk as much as I could.”

In Photos: Victoria's Secret Supermodels Celebrate Swim Collection

So what’s Adriana eating these days? “Right now I’m kind of trying to eat everything healthy. Plenty of fruits, vegetable, salads. I am really trying hard to cut meat, I already cut read meat. My goal is to cut the fish and chicken.”

Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth to a baby girl in August 2008, and she didn’t waste time getting back into shape. Sure, it’s their job to slim down and look fab in a bikini, but why not make it your priority too?

Alessandra confessed to Hollyscoop that she credits tons of Yoga and Pilates for her heavenly body.

She said, “I love doing Pilates and mix it up with Yoga and just go to the beach and maybe bike ride. Just go to the beach, I love the weather here. Surfing too, I love surfing!”

Uplifting Bra Ads A vintage spot

It’s safe to say that, even today, nice girls don’t dream of hanging out in a pool hall while wearing only a bra. Contemporary lingerie ads usually look a lot more like the one at the very bottom of this page—fleshy, of course, if not exactly surprising.

But in 1963, when the ad below (scroll down to see it) ran in the pages of Life magazine, nice girls were indeed surprised—specifically, by a rather immodest scenario (one of many) from the creative mind of Kitty D’Alessio, working as a Manhattan copywriter decades before she’d become president of Chanel. It was called the "I

Dreamed" campaign, and it was so successful that Maidenform would run it for 20 years. Each ad featured a woman confessing she’d dreamt of wearing her Maidenform bra while doing something manly or socially assertive—going on safari, winning an election or, in this case, shooting a little nine-ball. By comparison, even the come-hither stare of the Victoria’s Secret model opposite barely warrants a PG rating.

Still, Maidenform’s approach does beg an obvious question: What on earth did a bra have to do with playing pool? Nothing, really. "It was a silly concept—silly and mildly scandalous," said veteran adman Bob Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman | Lewis. "The silliness was forgiven by the 'dream' contrivance. The scandalousness was a little more subtle. It wasn’t the first time America saw a model in a bra—but it may have been the first time we saw a model in a bra in a social situation. What made the campaign so powerful was exactly this juxtaposition of incongruities."

Regrettably, the passing of 48 years has rendered the once powerful into the comical (was this woman’s hairdo shaped like her bra on purpose?) But one thing’s beyond dispute: The "I Dreamed" campaign was meant to turn heads—and that, it still does.

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Megan Fox helps Jaguar celebrate 50th anniversary

Remember when Mickey Rourke recently spoke about Megan Fox whilst sporting a SMIRK? We were pretty impressed about the versatility of his facial expressions, although the actress probably wasn't. It's alright though because Mickey's now apologised to his former co-star. His eyebrows were raised while he did it, but that's not really his fault... After describing film Passion Play as "terrible" and allegedly smirking when discussing co-star Megan Fox's acting abilities, Mickey Rourke has now apologised - apparently he was at a party when he made the admission, which obviously means it doesn't count.

Talking to Vulture, whose reporter got the initial scoop, he said:
"Hey, guys. When I talked to you, I was at a party. It was loud and crowded, I was in a shitty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter. [Passion Play director] Mitch is one of my best friends since we were kids. I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow. I don't know why I said that stupid shit. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad."

How can you hold a grudge after an apology like that? No trouble, Uncle Mickey - shit happens at parties, literally sometimes.

Anyway, back to Fox, her and husband Brian Austin Green were helping Jaguar celebrate 50 years of cars in New York, although knowing the actress, she probably thought she was supporting the big cats - she does love them...

Megan Fox: Armani Code Launch Lady

She was a busy girl last night- in addition to attending the Jaguar E-Type Anniversary, Megan Fox also showed up at the Armani Code Sport Fragrance Launch.
The “Jennifer’s Body” babe arrived at the Mondrian SoHo looking stellar in a black dress/brown jacket combo as she posed with industry bigwigs.

Megan is one of the stars in the Armani Code Sport commercials, and a new video documenting the filming process was recently released.
Armani Code Sport is described as, “radiating freshness, excitement, adrenaline and seduction at the same time, owing to its aromatic - woody composition. It refreshes with invigorating notes of lemon, mandarin and three kinds of mint, and opiates with gray amber (ambrox), ginger and vetiver.”

Enjoy the pictures of Megan Fox.

Megan Fox Receives Apology from Mickey Rourke

Megan Fox heads to Marmalade Cafe with a gal pal on Tuesday (April 11) at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Mickey Rourke, who worked with the 24-year-old actress in Passion Play, recently apologized for bashing the film and smirking when talking about Megan.
“When I talked to you, I was at a party. It was loud and crowded, I was in a sh-tty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter,” he told NY Mag.

“[Passion Play director] Mitch [Glazer] is one of my best friends since we were kids. I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow. I don’t know why I said that stupid sh-t. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad,” Mickey added.

Megan Fox Steps Out Looking Softer & Plastic Surgery Free

When Megan Fox first burst onto the scene, everyone was calling her the next Angelina Jolie. She must have taken that to heart because she consistently pulled out super femme fatale beauty looks like the one she wore to the LA premiere of her film, Jonah Hex on June 17. She looked harsh with her dark retro waves and engorged, pursed lips. Something just looked so plastic about her.
A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon told us at that yes, it did appear she’d had Botox and, “a lot of it… Around her eyes and near her eyebrows… it’s maing her look waxy. She has that frozen look from Botox.” It doesn’t help that plastic surgeons also believe she’d engorged her lips further with fillers and that her cheeks have been “enhanced maybe with a filler like Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane,” says Dr. Bruce Katz of NYC’s Juvaskin and Laser Center.

That’s why it was so great to see Megan looking youthful and pretty at The 50th Anniversary Of The Jaguar E-Type in NYC April 21. The newlywed looked positively radiant. What do you think of Megan’s makeover? Do you like it as much as we do or do you prefer her more severe look?

Megan Fox's Sisterly Cafe Afternoon

Fresh off of a weekend at the 37th annual Long Beach Grand Prix pro/celebrity race, Megan Fox was spotted spending a little quality time with her sister in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 19).

The "Jennifer's Body" babe donned a blue sleeveless top with white trousers as she chatted it up with her wholly jeaned sibling upon exiting the Marmalade Cafe at The Grove shopping center.
On the career front, Miss Fox is currently working on "The Crossing," which is a crime/thriller about "a young couple getting caught up in a drug trafficking scheme during their vacation to Mexico."

She's also set to join Leslie Mann, Albert Brooks and Paul Rudd in a yet-to-be-titled film spearheaded by "Pineapple Express" producer Judd Apatow.

Rourke dislikes Fox movie

Mickey Rourke has shrugged off bad reviews of his latest movie Passion Play, conceding the film was given a limited release because "it's not very good".

The Wrestler star appears alongside Megan Fox playing a musician who saves a winged circus freak from a mob boss.
The movie was savaged by critics after it premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival and initial reports suggested it would go straight to DVD. It will be given a limited run in a small number of U.S. theatres next month, but Rourke insists he is not bothered by the movie's lack of success.

He tells New York Magazine's Vulture column, "Terrible. Another terrible movie. But, you know, in your career and all the movies you make, you're going to make dozens of terrible ones."

And when asked why the film is being given such a limited release, he replies, "That's because it's not very good."

Megan Fox slips into Daisy Dukes

Doting wife Megan Fox was all smiles as she watched husband Brian Austin Green compete in the Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Pro Race today in Southern California.

Casually dressed in a green t-shirt and tattered, cut-off shorts, Megan tried to blend in, but stood out the rest of the crowd with her flowing hair, svelte figure and high heeled sandals.
A few minutes later she was spotted chatting with other excited fans, as they watched the competition race into action.

Brian, who recently appeared on several episodes of Desperate Housewives, is an avid racer and last year finished third place competition.

Megan's weekend at the track comes after she received an apology from her Passion Play co-star Mickey Rourke earlier this week.

Megan Fox's Long Beach Grand Prix Weekend

Spending the weekend supporting her man, Megan Fox was out watching Brian Austin Green compete in the 37th annual Long Beach Grand Prix pro/celebrity race on Saturday afternoon (April 16).
The "Jennifer's Body" beauty looked fabulous as she grabbed a comfortable perch at the race grounds while hoping to see her "Beverly Hills 90210" actor husband improve from his third place finish the previous year.

The weekend at the track comes after Miss Fox received an apology from "Passion Play" co-star Mickey Rourke over comments criticizing her talents and their movie together,

Rourke told Vulture of his derisive remarks, "When I talked to you, I was at a party. It was loud and crowded, I was in a sh**ty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter. Mitch [Glazer, 'Passion Play' director] is one of my best friends since we were kids. I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow."

He continued, "I don't know why I said that stupid sh*t. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad."

Megan Fox wows at the Jaguar Party

Since getting hitched Megan Fox has been spotted wearing slouchy jogging bottoms and scruffy tees. A crime when you see what she’s got hidden underneath!
The Jennifer’s Body star showed up at the Jaguar party wearing a fresh mint green frock which accentuated her slim curves beautifully. Some ankle strap Brian Atwood heels and pink hued make up finished the look.

Megan Fox Looks Fab, Apparently

As long as I or Megan Fox lives, we’ll likely never understand Hollywood.
Because, if you’ll recall, not so long ago concerns were being thrown around about Megan’s weight and whether she was under undue pressure or not.

And now, everyone is raving about how fabulous her body is.


In her latest shoot, everyone raves about how great she looks in green.

No one mentioned how she didn’t smile once.

So maybe she’s not as happy as her body looks great.

Knocked Up spin-off to triumph with Megan Fox?

Comedy writer and director Judd Apatow has been working on the highly-anticipated sequel to his 2007 rom-com Knocked Up for quite some time now, and while it looks like Katherine Heigl won’t return for a second helping, is The Fox enough to make it another box office smasher?
‘Coming Soon’ recently revealed that the currently untitled project is set to be called ‘This is Forty’ and will focus on the married life of Heigl’s onscreen sister ‘Debbie’. Apatow’s real-life wife Leslie Mann will reprise this role, along with Dinner for Schmucks actor Paul Rudd.

While the pair are eager to reteam for the comedy follow-up, the real Knocked Up stars Heigl and Seth Rogen have yet to be linked with the Universal Pictures spin-off. But one casting choice which I’m sure will please many is that of Megan Fox. The ex-Transformers beauty is most definitely onboard for film, which will begin shooting in June and set for a June 2012 release.

Megan Fox impressed Judd Apatow, says Brian Austin Green It was recently rumored that Megan Fox is going to be a part of Judd Apatow’s ‘Knocked Up’ spin-off film and it seems that the two are definitely on board together.
Fox’s husband, Brian Austin Green, has confirmed the rumors, saying that the two hit it off right away, states Extra. “She met with Judd Apatow and from what I heard, they got along smashingly well,” Green revealed.

Green also revealed that Fox is ready and excited to get going for filming that will allegedly start in June.

Will you check out this film?

Megan Fox smolders in new fragrance commercial

Following her fashion and beauty ads for Italian luxury house Armani, Megan Fox is now starring in a newly released ad for the brand's Armani Code perfume.

Both the men's and women's versions of the scent are a few years old, but a new men's flanker called Armani Code Sport - composed of lemon, mandarin, mint, gray amber, ginger, and vetiver - is scheduled to be released in June.
Oozing a Pulp Fiction-inspired vibe, Fox plays her part as mysterious femme fatale alongside male model Chris Folz in the commercial that was shot in Los Angeles.

The ad can be watched at

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Avril Lavigne looks bored to death

She was either exhausted or perhaps just not in the mood.

But whatever the case, Avril Lavinge looked stiff and bored as her boyfriend Brody Jenner leaned in for a kiss with the 26-year-old Canadian singer.

Staring at the ceiling, the pop rock singer was anything but interested in getting affectionate with the 27-year-old former Hill's star at Boa Steakhouse last night. The couple were enjoying a low-key dinner at the eatery when Brody attempted to tenderly kiss her on the lips.

The pale blonde laid slumped in her chair as he literally tried to initiate a romantic moment, to no avail. Both pair were dressed down for their Sunday night out.
Avril slipped on a black and white oversized t-shirt and wore her hair in a low-key pony tail, while Brody was comfortable in a checked flannel shirt and his customary backwards baseball cap.

Avril and Brody have been dating since February last year, and have since been enjoying a whirlwind romance. They have been spotted loved-up all over L.A. and professiong their love for each other with numerous tattoos.
Not interested? The pale blonde laid slumped in her chair as Brody tried to initiate a romantic moment. In April last year Avril got lightning bolt to match Brody's tattoo under his ear.

The couple then garnered media attention in May 2010, after receiving matching tattoos of the word "f***" on their ribs.

In July, Brody had 'Avril' etched on his forearm and Avril had 'Brody' under her right breast. Avril recently returned home from a five week tour in Paris, London, Italy, Hong Kong, and Japan. She is promoting her new album Goodbye Lullaby which was released in the US on March 2nd. Her boyfriend Brody Jenner also tagged along for some of the ride.

Avril was pictured with him and some of her friends at Nice airport in February.

The Hill's star's father is Bruce Jenner, husband of Kris Kardashian, making him the stepbrother of to the entire Kardashian clan.