Friday, May 6, 2011

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Watch Lakers Lose Game 2

They love to support their home team, and last night (May 4) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.

The “Jennifer’s Body” babe and her hunky husband arrived at the Staples Center to see the Lakers lose to the Dallas Mavericks 93-81 in Game 2 of the series.

Sporting a white top with dark trousers, Ms. Fox held hands with her man, who wore a grey v-neck and khaki cargo pants. Earlier this week, Megan treated herself to a day of pampering at a nail salon where she received a mani/pedi.

Did Megan Fox Rethink Her Ink?

Megan Fox has drawn comparisons to Angelina Jolie for her smoldering good looks and penchant for body art, but it seems the Hollywood hottie is rethinking some of her trademark tattoos.
The actress, who has a large collection of ink, including a quote from Shakespeare's 'King Lear' on her shoulder and her husband's name tattooed on her lower stomach, has received flack for much of her body art, particularly a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm.

It seems that Norma Jean has left the building, however. Fox showed up at a recent event for Armani with Marilyn looking like a shadow of her former self.

It seems the actress has undergone laser treatments to remove the portrait, which looked noticeably lighter and less detailed.
Fox had previously explained her reasons for getting the portrait of the tragic legend, saying, "I really admire Marilyn Monroe but I would never try to emulate her. I got the tattoo as a warning. It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down."

This may not be the last ink we see on the actress, however. To her detractors, Fox says, "Everyone hates them because they're closed-minded about tattoos. People who don't like me, as far as fans go, always talk about how I'm trashy because I have tattoos ... Tattoos aren't limited to sailors. I find them beautiful, so I'm going to keep doing it."

That's no Renault, Megan

MEGAN FOX's man must want a new motor.

Why else would she go to a Jaguar E-Type party with him? Especially as Megan drives a Mercedes, though I've always thought she should have a Renault.

The actress and hubby BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN posed together against the 50th anniversary Jag in New York but snappers wanted this shot of her on her own.

Not that you can blame them.

Megan has been lighting up billboards across the globe recently - modelling Armani underwear. While her most recent films, including blockbuster Jonah Hex, have all flopped, it might be a career choice she follows more in the future.

Megan Fox: 'Passion Play' Clip

Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke have a heart-to-heart in this new clip from Passion Play, exclusively provided for readers.

The 24-year-old actress plays an angel under the thumb of a ruthless gangster (Bill Murray) who is saved by a trumpet player down on his luck (Rourke). Kelly Lynch (Drugstore Cowboy) and Rhys Ifans also star.

Passion Play will hit theaters on May 6 in New York and L.A. For more from the film, follow it on Twitter or Like it on Facebook - exclusive new images have just been posted to the fan page!

Goodbye, Norma Jeane

Megan Fox - She's one of Hollywood's current leading ladies and a muse of Armani - and it seems that Megan Fox has decided that her numerous tattoos are no longer in keeping with her image.

The 24-year-old brunette beauty appears to be in the process of having one of the most prominent inkings removed - a portrait of screen legend Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm.

Some parts of the design appear to have disappeared already and all of it seems a lot fainter than normal.

A heavy black tattoo like that would need numerous painful bouts of lasering to remove it totally, according to experts.

Former Transformers star Megan has eight or nine examples of body art as well as the doodling of her blonde bombshell idol, whose real name was Norma Jeane.

Other inkings include; a quote on her shoulder reading 'we will all laugh at gilded butterflies' and a tribal mark on her left wrist.

Megan Fox: at Jaguar Party with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green pose for pictures at the 50th Anniversary party of the Jaguar E-Type on Wednesday (April 20) at NYC’s IAC Building.

The 24-year-old actress and her 37-year-old hunky husband celebrated the car’s birthday in style as they posed for many pictures with fans.

Megan recently wrapped up filming Friends With Kids, a comedy also starring Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig, set to be released in 2012!

FYI: Megan is wearing grey “Orlando” pumps by Brian Atwood and Neil Lane’s cuff and earrings.

Megan Fox looks fresh in mint green dress at Jaguar event

There was certainly some impressive bodywork going on as Megan Fox turned out to support a Jaguar event in New York last night.

The cars on display were also looking suitably snazzy.

Transformers star Megan unveiled her own streamlined physique in a backless mint green dress as she turned out at a function put on by the motor firm to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type.

She was joined by her husband Brian Austin Green, who she posed with happily.

The Jaguar E-Type was once described as the 'world’s most beautiful car' by racing driver Enzo Ferrari, the late founder of the Ferrari Italian motor brand.
So it was only fitting, perhaps, that Megan - voted one of the most beautiful women in the world in various polls - was there to support the event.

Megan has recently finished filming the upcoming comedy Friends With Kids.

Megan Fox shows support for the Lakers in tiny T-shirt

It was probably not the most suitable attire for an evening out at the basketball.

But Megan Fox made sure all eyes were on her as she attended an LA Lakers game in her tiny T-shirt.

The actress arrived at the game at the Staples Centre with husband Brian Austin Green, wearing skinny blue jeans and the cropped top with the Lakers logo blazing out from the front.
But while Fox, 24, and Green, 37, might have been looking forward to the playoff match against the New Orleans Hornets, someone else looked like he was a little bored.

And it made us wonder what his court side companion could have been going on about to make David Beckham look so disinterested.

The footballer was snapped at the game sitting next to Entourage star Jeremy Piven.

Megan Fox, please let us make you a sandwich

MEGAN Fox looked like she could have done with a sandwich or two as she attended the Toyota Grand Prix Pro Celebrity Race in LA over the weekend.
We worried that Megan Fox might actually disappear when she turned to the side after spotting these snaps of her looking thinner than ever.

The actress, who is rumoured to be a big fan of fad diets, was supporting husband Brian Austin Green at the event in Long Beach.

But Megan looked so tiny in her cut-off Siwy hotpants that it seemed more fitting for Brian to be supporting her as the pair posed together.
Megan's personal trainer recently hit out at rumours that the actress dabbles in a little too much dieting, blaming the all-too-common "fast metabolism" for her skinny frame.

He said: "She gets frustrated at times because she's like 'I need to put on weight.' So she actually weight-trains to keep on that lean muscle tissue.

"Believe it or not she has this really fast metabolism. So her training is all about body toning and sculpting. With her it's really about she’s eating enough of the right things. People thought, 'Oh she must be anorexic,' but she’s far from that!"

Megan Fox moves from plastic to natural

Actress Megan Fox might not descend into the abyss of plastic surgery excesses after all.

In the past, she apparently got so much work done that she began to look like a plastic doll. But in the past year she has eased off. In recent appearances, she:

* Looks more normal and less over-injected.
* Displays a faded version of her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Apparently she has started seeing a specialist in laser tattoo removal.

In the past, “she looked harsh with her dark retro waves and engorged, pursed lips. Something just looked so plastic about her,” Hollywood Life comments.

Now it calls her “softer and plastic-free.”

Calling her “plastic-free” is going too far. Fox has had a nose job, frequent lip-plumping injections and, according to some plastic surgeons, also has breast implants. But she is moving toward a more natural look.
At the same time, she has begun to remove at least one of her many tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is a gradual process that can be painful as well as slow. Recent photos of Fox show that she is part of the way to eliminating the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right arm. It is still visible, but it is starting to fade.

Megan Fox has one of her nine tattoos removed?

Hollywood actress Megan Fox has done many things in the past year in an effort to clean up her image: she married longtime love Brian Austin Green, stopped bad-mouthing her directors to the press, and now it seems she has taken the final step in her transformation to good girl by removing her some of her body ink.

At a Jaguar event in New York this past week, Fox showed up with the iconic Marilyn Monroe portrait on her right forearm looking conspicuously faded. Fox, who has vocally professed her love for Ms Monroe in the past, has said the tattoo was a tribute to the fallen star and not her attempt to copy her career: "I really admire Marilyn Monroe, but I would never try to emulate her. I got the tattoo as a warning. It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down."
One person who Fox has been accused of emulating is Angelina Jolie, who also has multiple tattoos and an enviable career, not to mention Brad Pitt. Though Fox has not publicly commented on whether or not she is planning on lasering away Marilyn from her body for good, she has other tattoos to remind her of her (former?) wild child ways.

Megan Fox shedding tattooed image?

Megan Fox is coming clean of her much talked about tattoos and the first one to go is the image of Marilyn Monroe on her fore arm.

The 24-year-old brunette beauty is getting the prominent inking removed and during a recent red carpet appearance her arm only had a faint outline left of the black and white image, reported Us magazine online. The former 'Transformers' star has nine inkings other than the doodling of her blonde bombshell idol.

Other tattoos include a quote on her shoulder reading 'We will all laugh at gilded butterflies' and a tribal mark on her left wrist.

Her tattoos have previously been covered up by stage make-up in a host of her movies and adverts.
Fox's career has been on a down slide for some time and she is currently working on an untitled Judd Apatow project alongside Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd.

Her other upcoming release is 'The Crossing', a crime thriller about a young couple who get caught up in a drug trafficking scheme during their holiday in Mexico.

Megan Fox's Replacement In New Transformers

In the run up to the theatrical trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Paramount has been sending out new images left and right. In the last week we've seen two new banner posters and one new still get released, but the focus has been entirely on the robots. Now it's time for a human uprising.

Apple has released another image from the film, this time showing off Megan Fox's replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Unfortunately the image isn't anything new, as while we've seen very little from the next installment in the Transformers franchise the image is basically a zoomed in screengrab from the Super Bowl trailer.