Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inside Avril Lavigne's Makeup Bag

Pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne has been a style icon for as long as she’s been in the music industry(her first album Let Go debuted nine years ago) and young girls everywhere still idolize her personal cool sense of style. Seventeen Magazine recently sat down with Lavigne and asked her to share the scoop about what’s inside her makeup bag. Check out the video below.So what products does Avril Lavigne have? Jao Hand Sanitizer, Advanced Blemish Treatment, Proactive Acne Products, MAC Dazzle Lipglass, Abby Dawn Flip-Flops, Abby Dawn Mirror, Maybelline Mascara, fish flips for hair, Black Star by Avril Lavigne Fragrance, MAC Eyeliner in Smolder, makeup brushes, and Rosebud lip balm. She also went on to describe why she uses the aforementioned products. Do you use any of the same products as mentioned above?

Avril’s fans will be happy to know that she uses many of the same beauty products and cosmetics that they use! Her style could be best described as is a little edgy, a little glamorous, and a lot of fun! Her look is easy to emulate because its still daring in a rocker-chic sense yet still conservative enough to please parents. Which of her looks is your favorite?


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