Saturday, March 17, 2012

Megan Fox Gets Wild with Port-o-Pong Beer Pong? has exclusively learned that the hot actress is in talks to start endorsing an inflatable beer pong table called, The Port-O-Pong.

Port-O-Pong, which can be viewed at, is the world's first beer pong table that floats in water aka a pool. The company, which has been linked before to Justin Bieber and his dad Jeremy Bieber, is now looking to try and get Megan to endorse their table by appearing at their world record attempt party in Las Vegas in a couple months, as well as have her film a "sexy" commercial playing with the "balls" for next year's SuperBowl.

Examiner spoke with Sal Laudano, a co-founder of the product, who told us, "We can't get into much detail about the product endorsement, but who wouldn't want Megan Fox to endorse them?"The company has offered Megan an undisclosed amount of mullah, so we'll see what happens, but why wouldn't she agree? It's not like she's been doing anything else lately. Plus it's an excuse for her to show-off her body more.


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